Thursday, 1 September 2011

D.I.Y packer

I promised a step by step guide to the gel filled condom packer, so here it is. Enjoy:

You'll need:

12 or so condoms
1 big tub/tube of cheap hair gel
1 nylon stocking


A tablespoon, scoop or funnel
A table, tray, something you can wipe clean afterwards.

Step one - Balls

Scoop a blob or so of the hair gel into the bottom of a partially unrolled condom. When it looks right, size wise for a testicle, tie the condom with a simple knot.

Step two - More balls

Step on all over again. Try to get it as close in size of the first one. It doesn't have to be perfect, even bio-guys dont all have even sized balls.

Step three - Junk gunk

Now we're actually at the dick stage! Take a third condom and do like what you did in the first two steps, but this time add more gel. Once again, be as realistic as possible, not too big. We all want to be hung like horses but we can't walk around with a boner.

Step four - Wrap those puppies!

Take a few more condoms and wrap everything up again. keep them seperate, we don't stick them together till the end. Generally the more condoms you use the firmer they get. Ideally the balls should be firmer than the dick.

*Tip: add one more slop of gel inside the last condom to go on the outside of the testicles, for that slippery round the bag feeling.*

Step five - the beginning of the end

Tie the loose ends of the balls together. Try to get them to hang nicely not too lopsided.

Step six- The end

This is the bit where it gets complex so let's break it down some more:

  1. Fine your stocking, drop both balls into the toe.
  2. Leave the balls a bit of room and tie a knot.
  3. Drop in your dick. at the end of your dick, give the stocking a 360 degree twist.
  4. Turn the stocking inside out, back over the dick and balls.
  5. Finish however you like. I personally sew mine shut to stop it unravelling.
Last notes

  • If you used hair gel with a scent, don't worry it'll fade.
  • wash it or it will go funkkkaay.
  • If you put too much pressure on it (it does take a lot) and it bursts don't worry you're not bleeding to death but yu might want to wash yourself afterwards.
  • If you live with your parents, take it out of your pants before you leave them lying in the bathroom.
  • Don't leave it by your bed at night, it feels horrible to stand on when getting out of bed in the dark for a pee.
And there we have it, a relatively cheap home made packer. Once again don't forget to secure it in place somehow.

Live long and prosper!!

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